Kabul City Quiet, Residents Apprehensive First Day Under Taliban

Kabul City Quiet, Residents Apprehensive First Day Under Taliban

The city of Kabul noticeably changed during its first day under the rule of the Taliban.

The majority of shops, businesses, government institutions and offices were closed.

Traffic was sparse, but some residents traveled in private cars.

The public presence of women was noticeably reduced, with no large gatherings of women in the city, which would have been common on other days.

Speaking to TOLOnews, a number of residents said that the government institutions must reopen as soon as possible so that the people can carry on with their affairs.

Some Afghans expressed concern over the presence of illegal armed groups in the city. Some residents pledged to avoid leaving their homes.

Deh Afghanan is the main area in the city of Kabul and is usually very crowded, but on Monday it was quiet.

“There are serious concerns there, the situation is very different, lets see what happens next,” said Ghulam Dastagir, a resident in Kabul.

However, the Taliban spokesman said that the situation in Kabul will return to normal soon.

“The government institutions should reopen as soon as possible, people need services,” said a resident in Kabul Ehsanul Haq.

“Today four thieves under the name of Taliban stole the city,” said a resident named Tawab.

“One case of flour was sold for around 1700 Afs, but now it is sold for 2100 Afs,” said Kabul resident Aminullah.

“I have no money for car rent,” said Islamuddin, a Kabul resident.

“Our desire is that peace should prevail, we want peace,” said Jawed, a street vendor in Kabul.

The Taliban brought down Afghanistan’s largest flag from Wazir Akbar Khan hill in Kabul.