Video of Former Govt Officer’s Torture Sparks Reaction

Video of Former Govt Officer’s Torture Sparks Reaction

In the past few days, a video showing a military officer of the former government who was arrested being tortured by two men has sparked sharp reactions from social media users.

A large number of people on social media platforms have said such actions are clearly in contradiction to the general amnesty announced by the Islamic Emirate in the first days of its coming into power.

“They have announced a general amnesty and it is expected that they should uphold it because upholding promises will strengthen trust between the government and the people,” said Hekmatullah Mirzada, a university lecturer.

“The Islamic Emirate should enforce the general amnesty among its low-level ranks and in the provinces through provincial governors and heads of security departments,” said Rahmatullah Andar, a former military officer.  

Although security officials have not commented on the issue, Annas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate, on Monday at a gathering in Logar province said no one should violate the general amnesty.

“Now that a general amnesty has been announced, it is better that all the people should be treated properly, and taking personal revenge should be avoided,” he said.

Previously reports were released by international organizations, including Human Rights Watch, about the killings and arrests of former government security members. The Islamic Emirate, however, has repeatedly rejected these reports.

“Detaining and interrogating people due to their relations with the former government will increase social inferiority and problems which can change into a threat to security and stability in the future,” said Sayed Baqir Mohsini, a political analyst.