400 Days Have Passed Since Afghan Girls Attended Secondary School

400 Days Have Passed Since Afghan Girls Attended Secondary School

Rina Amiri, United States special envoy for Afghan Women, Girls and Human Rights, expressed concern about the closure of secondary schools for girls and said it has been 400 days that girls have been banned from going to school. She said the current government cannot deny education to half the population.

In addition, she said that girl’s education is the key to lifting Afghanistan from poverty.

“The Taliban can’t deny half the population education & work opportunities & claim to move Afghanistan towards economic independence. Education of all Afghans, including women & girls, is key to lifting Afghanistan out of poverty & restoring hope,” said Rina Amiri.

Analysts believe that the opening of schools for girls is important to improve relations between the Islamic Emirate and the world.

"The current situation of education for females is not acceptable and it is not in the interest of our country, our people, and our religion," said Hassan Haqyar, political analyst.

Meanwhile, some female students above grade six asked the government to allow them to go to schools.

"Closing schools means creating problems for the entire nation of Afghanistan," said Huma, a student.

"Opening schools means achieving goals and nobody can stop us from obtaining our rights," said liala, a student.
Islamic Emirate emphasis that they are not against girls’ education and the reopening of girls' schools beyond grade six is being considered.