Afghan Women Seek Political, Social Inclusion

Afghan Women Seek Political, Social Inclusion

Women activists gathered on Sunday to call for political and social inclusion, saying that until their role in the new government is clarified, they will not stop resisting.  

“Today, October 10, is World Women Solidarity Day with Afghan Women. And women from over 100 countries are due to protest in support of Afghan women,” said Taranom Sayedi, an activist.  

Shahista Safi, a former government employee, expressed frustration over the uncertain future of women in Afghanistan. “I am one of the women who has lost her job and now I am jobless,” she said. “If the Islamic Emirate doesn’t include women, its government will not continue.”  

These women called on the Islamic Emirate to reopen girls' schools and include women in the government as well as to take measures to provide security to the people.  

A political activist, Khadija, said “the Taliban repeatedly says that women have the right to education, work and political inclusion in the government, and they should show it in practice.” 

A women's rights activist, Zura Amiri, said “women are deprived of their rights and now with the collapse of the government women are at home.”  

Previously, the officials of the Islamic Emirate pledged to provide educational opportunities for girls within an Islamic structure.  

This comes as October 11 is named the International Day of Girl Child. The UN said in a statement on Sunday that the naming of this day is to “focus attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.”  

“Today’s girls are part of a digital generation. It is our responsibility to join with them in all their diversity, amplify their power and solutions as digital change-makers, and address the obstacles they face in the digital space.”, says the UN Secretary in its official message for this day.