Germany Resumes Deporting Afghans Despite COVID 19

Germany Resumes Deporting Afghans Despite COVID 19

Germany is resuming deportations of rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan, which had been suspended with the first wave of coronavirus in March, DW reported. 

The move has triggered fierce criticism, the report said. 

Around 40 failed asylum seekers from Afghanistan are to board a plane to Kabul this Wednesday, according to the ministry for refugee affairs in Kabul. 

This comes as the German opposition politicians vehemently oppose the resumption of deportations.  

"The many attacks Afghanistan sees every dayforbid deportations there. The deportees face threats to their lives," said Green Party MP Claudia Roth angrily. 

Günter Burkhardt, executive of the refugee organization "Pro Asyl," has called for the planned deportations to be halted immediately. "It is completely irresponsible to go ahead with such plans at a time when the whole country goes into a nationwide lockdown," he said.  

Afghanistan analyst Thomas Ruttig, with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Ideas, suspects a link to the Afghanistan donors' conference that was held on November 23 and 24 in Geneva, Switzerland. There all participating countries signed a final document committing themselves to facilitate the return of rejected Afghan asylum seekers, according to the report. 

The German interior ministry has confirmed moreover that the Afghan government has demanded all asylum seekers test negative for the coronavirus before being deported.