Kabul Police Deny Clashes in Districts 13, 18

Kabul Police Deny Clashes in Districts 13, 18

Residents in PD13 and PD18 of the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday said that they hear shooting and firing in their areas every night including a recent firing episode on Wednesday night in PD13 which sparked strong fear among the people.

Residents said that Wednesday night’s firing was a clash between the Taliban and the police, but officials in Kabul police department have rejected the report.

But security sources in the area have said that there are threats from the insurgents.

Last week, the Taliban attacked a police checkpoint in PD13 which also left some casualties.

“Every night there is firing, it may be at checkpoints or from armed robbers,” said Mohammad Arif Haidari, a resident in PD18.

“The people have no psychological peace, their lives are not safe,” said Ghulam Reza Rezayee, a resident of Kabul.

Residents said there are threats in all parts of Kabul.

“It will be good if the peace process moves forward, we all need peace and security,” said Mohammad Zekirya, a shopkeeper in PD13.

Police have also increased their presence following recent reports that the insurgents are trying to disrupt security in PD13 and PD18.

According to Kabul police, most of the threats were related to the armed robbers.

“The Taliban have no ability to maintain their presence in the suburbs of the city, the physical presence of this group is not on a permanent basis anywhere, they are always on the run from one place to another,” said Tariq Aryan, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior.