Paktika Residents Affected by Earthquake Call for Aid

Paktika Residents Affected by Earthquake Call for Aid

Residents of Paktika who were affected in the recent earthquake called for further aid, saying that they are facing many challenges.

The earthquake hit Barmal, Nika, Giyan and Zirok districts of Paktika and Spiri district of Khost province.

The majority of casualties are reported from Giyan district, where almost every home is grieving for family members lost in the earthquake.

"Four members of my family were martyred and three of them were wounded. We have nothing to eat and no place to live. Everyone is sitting outside,” said Bakhta Jan," a resident of Paktika.

Meanwhile, government officials visited the affected areas and said aid would be provided to the vulnerable.

“Ninety percent of the houses have been destroyed, some houses have been completely destroyed,” said Qalandar Ibad, acting Minister of Public Health.

“All aid institutions of the government have been instructed to reach the area rapidly and to use the facilities they have to address the people’s problems,” said Sharfuddin Muslim, deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to officials, the earthquake left more than one thousand people dead and injured hundreds more.