Political Party Calls for Reopening of Girls' Schools

Political Party Calls for Reopening of Girls' Schools

The Movement of Change for Afghanistan Party (MoCAP) today at a gathering in Kabul called for the reopening of all secondary and high schools for girls in the country.

Some members of the party said the closing of schools for female students over sixth grade as contrary to the caretaker government's commitments to the international community. They pledged to hold protests if the schools are not opened to female students over 6th grade.

“Our demand is that girls' schools should be opened as soon as possible, and Afghan girls should not be deprived of their basic rights,” said Abdul Sami Bayat, a member of MoCAP.

“We, with all our sisters, women, mothers and all the women and girls in Afghanistan, even with their parents, will protest and will close the gates of the Ministry of Education,” said Sima Sahar, a member of MoCAP.

Members of MoCAP in a statement said that the move will further isolate the Islamic Emirate politically and economically.

“The people of Afghanistan expected the girls' schools to reopen, after months of being closed, in the Hmaml month of the year 1401. It is unfortunate that, unlike all Islamic countries and the world, the gates of educational institutions, especially schools, are closed to girls,” said Farzana Hamid, a member of MoCAP.

Meanwhile, some women's rights activists and teachers said that girls should not be deprived of the right to education.

“If the gates of the schools remain closed to girls, it will be a great disaster. I do not think anyone else will trust living in this country,” said Nargis Sadat, a women's rights activist.

“The Taliban's recent move to close the doors of girls' schools over the sixth grade has increased national mistrust between the people and the government, and has created more frustration in society,” said Hekmatullah Monirzada, a teacher.

Previously, the Ministry of Education said that it had proposed a plan to reopen schools for girls over six grade to the Prime Minister. It remains to be seen if the doors of the schools will be reopened.